"Original lifestyle apparel that feels as good as it looks"

Deep in the heart of the South in St. Matthews, South Carolina on a country road called Old Belleville, is a 300 acre farm owned by an old family friend named Joel. That’s where my dad, brother, and I go to escape. Like an episode from Duck Dynasty, we hunt, fish, and get into all kinds of shenanigans. It’s a very special place to me with many memories, and is why I call my company, “Old Belleville”.

Our company was established to bring people together through the expression of our southern roots. We strive to fulfill this mission through passion, dedication, and commitment to our customers. Here at Old Belleville, we hope to provide you with the quality apparel that you need for any occasion. Whether you plan on adventuring into the mountains or relaxing on the beach, our gear will have you doing so in style.